Facebook Buys Photo Sharing Startup Divvyshot

by admin April 2, 2010 at 7:32 pm

Facebook has bought up Divvyshot, a one-year-old photo sharing startup. Divvyshot’s sites lets users share photos by grouping them into collections called “events” so users don’t need to create separate albums and instead can contribute to just one.

On its blog, Divvyshot says its three employees will now be joining Facebook’s engineering team—and implies that its technology will be folded into Facebook Photos (the top photo sharing site on the web), saying “our unique approach to photos will live on.” The Divvyshot site, meanwhile, is being shut down.

This is Facebook’s third acquisition over the last year. In August, it bought up sharing service FriendFeed—and followed up that deal with the acquisition of Octazen Solutions in February.

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