Facebook “Likes” World Domination

by admin April 19, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Facebook will host its F8 developer conference this Wednesday, outlining its plans to further its influence across the web.

Those plans include a web-wide “Like” button and a social toolbar for your website, The New York Times reports.

It’s all part of Facebook’s plan to follow you around the web and perhaps avoid the same fate as MySpace.

The Starbucks of Social Networks?

Previous social networks, you’ll remember, were destinations. As soon as Friendster became slow and unreliable, an exodus to MySpace began. Once MySpace pages became bloated and unwieldy, the crowd hopped over to Facebook. Zuckerberg is well aware of the threat: If you build a destination site, users will hop over to the next cool hangout in no time at all.

That’s why Facebook longs to become a sturdy platform.

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