Facebook’s New Privacy Controls Encourage Openness

by admin March 17, 2009 at 6:04 pm

Today, Facebook announced new privacy settings which let you selectively open up portions of your personal profile to everyone on the Facebook social network. As an alternative to the new “Public Profiles” (formerly called “Pages”), these additional settings allow you to pick and choose which parts – if any – of your private Facebook profile are available for anyone to see. According to a company blog post, this means that now people won’t need to friend you in order to view the content you want to make public.

This recent update provides another option for public figures who want to connect with a wider audience as well as those folks who enjoy openly sharing their online activities. These privacy settings which can be used to make parts of your personal profile public should not be confused with Facebook’s new “Public Profiles.” We examined Public Profiles last week and determined that they still had a number of issues before they would be useful to people with personal accounts. In fact, those Public Profiles were really only effective for businesses or other large entities that wished to communicate with a large audience.

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