Fairmount 1.0.6

by admin March 9, 2010 at 5:52 pm

Free & open-source DVD decryption

Fairmount is a free tool which allows on-the-fly decryption of DVD content for convenient access. Fairmount does not perform the actual decryption, it simply forwards the data to VLC Media Player, which is used for the decryption. Hence, VLC Media Player must be installed for Fairmount to work.

On-the-fly DVD decryption

No need to worry about disk space. The DVD is decrypted on-the-fly directly from the DVD drive as the information is being required by other applications.

Try it, it’s free and easy

Using Fairmount is easy. After installing VLC Media Player, simply download the latest version and launch Fairmount. It will work its magic automatically, replacing the original DVD on the desktop by a decrypted disc image of the DVD. To eject the original disc, simply eject the decrypted image. Upon quitting the application, the original disc will reappear.

Once Fairmount is launched, making a backup of a DVD is as simple as dragging and dropping its VIDEO_TS folder somewhere on your hard disk. The resulting copy will be decrypted as it is copied and will be ready for archival.

Fairmount also enables DVDRemaster to work directly on an encrypted DVD. DVDRemaster is an application which recompresses large DVDs so they can be burned on a standard DVD or converts them so they can be watched on your video iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV and many others. DVDRemaster accommodates both novices and experts with its simple but yet powerful interface.

Fairmount is developed and released under the GNU General Public License.

In order to use Fairmount 1.0.6, you need Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

Download: Fairmount 1.0.6 for Mac OS X