FarCry 4.0.9

by admin April 8, 2008 at 12:32 pm

FarCry CMS is a cutting edge ColdFusion MX application framework for web based content management that blends the very best of open source development with commercial backing and support.

Daemon’s target audience is mid-to-large enterprises. However, the volume of smaller customers forms an army of avid enthusiasts, all providing feedback on the project. There is a tremendous sense of morale and karma generated by providing these customers with an enterprise solution which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

FarCry is more than an enterprise-class application. FarCry is an “out of the box” open source solution, a fully extensible application framework, and a commercially supported services model.

FarCry should run on just about any platform ColdFusion MX will run on.

Download: FarCry 4.0.9