FileList 0.992

by admin May 2, 2006 at 3:48 pm

FileList is a program that lists all files in a directory and sub-directories.

Sorting is possible by file name, folder, size and the last modified date.
You can use a filter to include or exclude certain file extensions.
You can list files in a source or target directory and copy files from source to target directory.
The FileList remembers viewed source and target directories and file extensions used for filtering.
You can view files with a designated file viewer (TextPad recommended). Click on the Options button to select a file viewer.
You can use the Exclude Filter check-box to exclude file extensions from listing.
You can also use the Include Filter check-box to find files by extension. Just type space-separated file extensions in the include box. For example, “txt html”. If both check-boxes are checked, the priority is given to the Include filter.

Double-clicking on the file name will run the associated application.

Right mouse click allows to open a file in the associated editor, copy selected files from the source to target directory, print a list of selected files to a temporary file and compress selected files to a zip file.

You can print a list of all the files in a directory by clicking on the Print button.

Download: FileList 0.992