Finding Cheap Printer Cartridges Online

by admin June 2, 2011 at 2:59 am

Different varieties of cheap printer cartridges are available online. Since a lot of web sites claim that they offer the “cheapest” and the “best” cartridges for your printer at home or at work, how are you to choose from these sites? Listed down below are few of the things you need to consider when buying cartridges online.

First, check the exact model of your printer, write it down, and decide how many cartridges you plan to purchase. Then, estimate your budget and start looking online. Look for websites that offer discounts on printer cartridges. Do not just stick with just one cartridge-selling site. Expand your choice list. Do price comparisons. Make sure these sites give you all the information you need regarding your purchase. Stray away from sites that give you unbelievably low offers since in most cases, these sites are just scams. List down all the sites you think you find reputable and where you are considering to purchase your printer cartridge. Do not forget to list down, too, their prices so it would be easy for you to compare.
Second, consider creating an eBay account for online purchasing. There are also auction and fixed-price items at eBay, as well as “Buy It Now” items that allow you to save money by buying directly from the printer cartridge merchants.

Third, look for free shipping orders. There are certain websites that offer free shipping orders if you place orders that go over $50. These websites also offer discounted prices and cheap cost for ink refills. Lastly, consider buying remanufactured cartridges, refill kits, and multipack cartridge deals. Compared to genuine cartridges, remanufactured cartridges cost less while providing you the same quality as the original ones. Refill kits are also cheap. Aside from saving huge amounts of money from these kits, they also provide you excellent performance similar to purchasing new cartridges. Other companies online also offer multipack cartridge deals plus free gift items like iPhone, iPod, mp3 players, or the like. So if you regularly need to replace your cartridges, look for offers similar to these.

In summary, buying cheap products online like cheap printer cartridges may be tedious especially when you are a very meticulous shopper. But that is what a smart buyer should be, going over all the details. Learn how to check your product specifications carefully, list them down, and consider remanufactured products and discounts before you purchase.