Former Googlees want to out-Cuil Google

by admin July 28, 2008 at 6:17 pm

Cuil , a new search engine developed by former Google employees, is taking the stage today. It’s pronounced cool, but written Cuil, and annoyingly Web 2.0 looking, but it’s also a new take on search. With about $33 million in venture funding, and a bunch of search brainiacs, can Cuil make it where so many have, sort of, just made it, in a so what sort of way? It may do if today’s announcement doesn’t crash the site.

Cuil’s search index boast 120 billion Web pages, and Google recently claimed a trillion. Numbers that take into consideration the diversity and size of the Web, but also include the crappy one pagers that are put up by domain parkers and spammers. However, a quick play with Cuil, and you’ll notice that it delivers search results in a column format that is more akin to a publication layout then, a typical search result listing.The Cuil folk claim to use datamining techniques to drill down deeper into the content of a page, and provide more visual keys to help rank the relevance of pages in a search result listing.

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