FotoTagger 2.13

by admin October 10, 2008 at 8:20 pm

Whatever you are – a traveler, professional photographer, genealogist, technical writer, or lawyer – the FotoTagger image annotation tool helps you explore the real value of your images.

FotoTagger is a tool that lets you easily annotate pictures and provide knowledge beyond still pixels:

:: Identify people, places, and events on digital photos
:: Provide historical and cultural background
:: Mark notable details and comment specific objects
:: Publish annotated images to a blog directly from FotoTagger
:: Upload annotated pictures to your Flickr account and download them back to a PC; all annotations are preserved
:: Turn stacks of digital images to a searchable collection
:: Use FotoTagger as a Flickr tool to have your Flickr photos annotated.

Download: FotoTagger 2.13 Windows 2000/XP