FREEship Plus 3.12+

by admin February 20, 2010 at 8:09 pm

FREEship Plus it intended for the full parametric analysis of resistance and power prediction for a ship and other calculations of hydrodynamics of vessels and underwater vehicles. FREE!ship Plus allows the designer to simulate and analyze condition of balance of a complex completely hull – rudders – keels – engine – propellers in different regimes and of service conditions of a ship. The analyzable system includes a hull, appendages, a propeller and the engine (i.e. resistance, power, a thrust and a torque moment), and also various service conditions (heaving, a wind, a shallow-water effect, a regime of tow / pushing, etc.).
Calculations in FREE!ship Plus are based on the systematic serial tests of models of the ships and boats, inclusive more then 27 published methods and series for calculation of resistance of a hull and 17 screw diagrams of 5 types of propellers. As is known, one of the most basic errors at calculations of resistance and power prediction under serial diagrams, is that the designer uses not that serial diagram, or combination of the incompatible data and formulas. In order to prevent it, the program analyses input data and, if they true or insignificantly leave from allowable ranges, uses extrapolation for calculations with the indication of parameters, published allowable ranges.
If projected the vessel does not correspond to any serial diagram you can take advantage of calculations according to modelling tests of vessels with similar stations. FREE!ship Plus also allows to extrapolate available the data for the values superjacent outside ranges of parameters, studied in model tests.
FREE!ship Plus allows to calculate various types of propellers according to regular serial tests of propellers in free water to probe regular changes of parameters of a vessel, to project marine and river boats, catamarans, trawlers, high-speed motorboats, yachts, a canoe and cayaks. Integration of programs for calculations of ship resistance on method Holtrop-1988(84), etc. methods in the program designing of a hull form enables to carry out optimization of contours of a body line on to towing resistance of a hull with usage affine transformation and also to take into account in calculations resistance 11 types of appendages of a vessel and/or to estimate effect on resistance of factors of an environment, whether it be a wind, waves or a shallow water. FREE!ship Plus, in combination to him freeware, is the dazzling instrument, permitting to develop a hull form, to calculate hydrostatics and stability, to work a maximum quantity of alternatives of a projected vessel for powers prediction and propulsive characteristics, to receive results of comprehensible accuracy, and in many cases to avoid expensive model tests.
FREE!ship Plus is free software for educational using, for a home shipbuilders, for a shipmodelers and a naval architecture specialists.

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