FreeTranslator 2.5.0

by admin March 25, 2009 at 4:00 pm

FreeTranslator: A free translator similar to Babylon Translator (TM). It translates various languages like Italian, English, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Czech, Indonesian, Welsh, SerboCroat, Ainu and much more!.

Compiled in 3 versions:
-Graphical Version: All functions implemented. And a good User Interface. Only compatible with .NET Framework 2.0
-Mono Version: Fully compatible with Mono Framework. Poor Graphics but runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
-PocketPC Version: Runs under PocketPC 2003 and Windows Mobile. Requires the .Net Compact Framework 2.0

Download: FreeTranslator 2.5.0