From Russia With Larceny

by admin July 31, 2007 at 1:31 pm

Finjan, a developer of Web security products, has found what has to be the nastiest of malware yet because it inserts itself into a legitimate online banking transaction that’s supposed to be protected by SSL encryption.

The company is calling this new form of thievery “crimeware,” as if we needed another term to keep straight, but it’s nasty stuff. In just the month of July, Finjan identified 58 criminals using the MPack toolkit to infect over 500,000 unique users.

MPack may be the most dangerous malware development kit seen yet. It is a PHP-based kit produced by Russian hackers for building mostly keylogging software. It’s actually sold and supported by the Russians, complete with a service contract for new versions, and is upgraded every two to four weeks. It’s not the first time a service contract has been offered for software that supports the spread of malware.

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