Frustrated IPhone Users Stymied by Overloaded Apple Servers

by admin June 18, 2009 at 4:34 pm

History is repeating itself: Apple’s activation servers, primed for Wednesday’s release of the iPhone 3.0 operating system to existing users strained to handle the flood of requests.

Twitter is pulsing with frustration, disappointment, contempt, and anger from users seeking the new version of the operating system, which includes such basic, yet never-before-included features like copy/paste. Some have been unable to access the servers at all, yet others say they have and are already playing with the new features.

Slideshow of iPhone 3.0 Software: What you’ll see

So numerous are the complaints, they’ve sparked a backlash: Alan Milford (“alz”), a self-described resident techie with CBS Interactive in London, groused “Apple should have their own Twitter server on software release day, so all the fanboys can spam each other without bothering the rest of us.”

Apple did not immediately respond to a Network World query on the status of the 3.0 downloads.

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