fsLock 2.0 Build 931

by admin June 12, 2008 at 11:06 pm

fsLock is a simple program that protects your most important files by locking them in a list. Once locked, these files will be protected against being renamed, deleted, modified, moved, etc. Any number of files can be protected (except executables (EXE) and Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and different lists of files can be used and easily switched between. Drag and Drop support for the list is also available if you find files in explorer you want to protect as well. Start with Windows support is included and the ability to start the engine on start-up. fsLock also supports full logging support.

fsLock also supports secure file deleting via the “Delete Files” section of the window. IN this section, you are able to move directly from the “Secure Files” list and completely wipe the files clean (if the engine is not running).

Download: fsLock 2.0 Build 931