FTP Wanderer 2.8

by admin January 5, 2006 at 9:13 am

FTP Wanderer is a multithreaded FTP client with the look-and-feel of Windows Explorer, and makes moving files between the Internet and your computer as simple as local file manipulation.

?Ǭ? Full drag and drop support from and to Windows Explorer.
?Ǭ? Connection wizard.
?Ǭ? Upload/download multiple files simultaneously.
?Ǭ? Fully customizable user interface.
?Ǭ? CERN proxy support.
?Ǭ? Bookmark remote folders (Favorites).
?Ǭ? Resume support for download and upload.
?Ǭ? Sophisticated transfer manager where uploads and downloads are performed in the background so you can continue browsing while the application up or downloads your files.
?Ǭ? Download/Upload complete directory structures (including files) in one operation.
?Ǭ? Windows 9x/XP style right-click menus.
?Ǭ? Intergrated local file browser for easier file management.
?Ǭ? CHMOD support for changing permissions on UNIX servers.
?Ǭ? Support for very large files (64 bits)
?Ǭ? Move files and folders to another location on the server.

Download: FTP Wanderer 2.8