Gates-Seinfeld Ads Uncertain, Microsoft Turns On New “I’m A PC” Ads

by admin September 19, 2008 at 7:16 pm

“I’m a PC! YOU got a problem with that?!?”

Anticipation was high for the Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ads when they debuted earlier this month. After all, they paired one of comedy’s greats with a father figure of the tech industry — that should surely be enough to take on feisty Apple computers, right? Not, so it turns out.

First the initial ad was blasted across the internet as being nonsensical, unfunny, and generally pointless. Said ZDNet, “Maybe I’m off base here but I think if Microsoft is trying to engage people with this ad, it has failed miserably.”

Gizmodo piped in, “There’s not really a whole lot of anything, including laughs, information or pimping of Vista. It’s kinda like Seinfeld’s really long, really rambling Superman ad for Amex he did a few years back.”

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