Gates Talks Interconnected Future (Courtesy of Microsoft)

by admin January 8, 2007 at 9:19 am

LAS VEGAS — Seamless, omnipresent and interconnected. That’s how Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, speaking today here at the 2007 International CES trade show, sees the future of consumer electronics. And not surprisingly, he sees Microsoft and Windows Vista being at the heart of it all.

In what might be his final keynote at CES (considering his plans to leave his day-to-day role at Microsoft next year,) Gates spent a good portion of his speech detailing the slew of recent and upcoming Microsoft product launches — most notably, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, the Zune digital music player, and the Xbox 360.

Yet the central message from Microsoft’s co-founder and longtime chief software architect centered less on hyping new launches than on describing the ways that these software, devices and services would interconnect to deliver better experiences to users.

“There is an element of the equation of what we need to deliver on the promise of the decade,” he said. “The key thing missing is the connections.”

Gates said he envisions a world where users have connectivity to each other and to their data at any time, wherever they may be.

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