GermaniX Transcoder 4.10

by admin August 10, 2009 at 5:08 pm

GermaniX Transcoder (GX::Transcoder) is a simple, flixible and extensible Audio Transcoder for Microsoft Windows.

GermaniX Transcoder is also multilingual (English, German, French and Russian) and you can easily create your own language file. You can also create Format AddIn for more Encoding Formats or a Process Plugin to process a audio file or a group of audio files.

· Audio Transcoder
Audio Transcoder for transcoding from one format to another audio format (lossy to lossless, lossless to lossy – do not transcoder protected wma or mp4 files)

· Audio Tagger
You can tag the most supported audio and video format with id3v1, v2, ape, flac comment, xiph, wma and riff infos. Also have a album art downloader to tag files with covers from amazon web service

· Audio file renamer
You can rename you files with information from tags or from you directory structure and you can use templates.

· Audio and Video Player
You can play you favourite music and video file direct in you GermaniX Transcoder. The palyer can use the directory structure or a dabase structure.

· CueCutter
The CueCutter can cut large mp3 or flac files with Cue-Sheet information. Flac files can also can with the inside cue information.

· CD Grabber
You can grab your entire CD collection to all supported audio formats of the transcoder.

· Flexible add-in architecture
Extend the Transcoder with a simple addin framework. You can use any language wich supports Microsoft .net 2.. Add new function and use all input and output formats.

· More formats with a easy plugin architecture
The Transcoder can easy support more formats. The simple plugin architecture make it simple to write additional addins. For input formats, the transcoder can use winamp input plugins.

· Multi-Language
· You can create you own interface language. You can creata new language with notepad and copy this file on the transcoder language directory – that’s easy.

Download: GermaniX Transcoder 4.10

Download: GX::Transcoder 5.00