Get ready for attacks on VoIP…

by admin November 13, 2006 at 9:53 am

Voice spam, phishing – it’s only a matter of time, says analyst

Spam, phishing and denial of service could all soon be threatening VoIP services, and businesses need to take steps now to ward off the danger.

As VoIP products and services become more widely used by businesses, analyst Ovum has warned that while companies are concerned with voice quality and functionality they are not considering all of the potential security risks associated with VoIP.

These future threats include voice spam, where voice messages inundate company networks, and phishing (or vishing) scams which use this voice spam to gain personal information. Other threats could be toll fraud, where premium rate calls are made to numbers that benefit hackers (by users, or in the future by bots infecting company networks), or denial of service attacks.

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