GetMail for Hotmail 4.0

by admin June 26, 2007 at 12:56 pm

GetMail For Hotmail is an email forwarding program that started life because of the lack of a POP3 server for the Hotmail email system. If you have tried looking for a POP3 server address for Hotmail or MSN mail you’ll know what I mean! From this it has evolved into a flexible email forwarding program. If you use GetMail For Hotmail with other third party POP3 tools such as FreePOPS or YPOPS you can also forward on AOL, Yahoo and many other webmail only email accounts making it the ideal tool to use for not only mass migrating all your e-mail to Gmail but also to continue forwarding on mail received in your old accounts!

Some of GetMail for Hotmail’s main features include :

· Windows Live Mail Forwarding
· Hotmail Forwarding
· MSN Forwarding
· POP3 Forwarding
· Multiple recipients
· Read your Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live Mail on your Blackberry
· SSL compatible (To use SSL you will need to download 2 extra DLL’s.)
· SMS Compatability Features
· Run as a windows service

Download: GetMail for Hotmail 4.0