Gfire 0.8.1

by admin April 14, 2009 at 11:20 pm

Originally called Gaim, Pidgin is a very popular instant messaging client, which supports many different networks. It is compatible for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Xfire is a gaming chat network, it allows gamers to chat to each while in-game. It has support for over 1000 games, it keeps track of the games you have been on and allows you to join your friend’s games as well. With over 10 million users, it is a very popular network.

Gfire is an Plugin for the Pidgin IM client which allows you to connect the Xfire network.

Gfire features:

· Friend’s list
· Add & Remove friends
· View friend’s current game (games list updated weekly)
· View friend’s profiles
· Join friend’s server
· Detects games and logs game time
· Set your status as “Away from Keyboard (AFK)”
· Set custom status

Download: Gfire 0.8.1