Gizmo for Nokia

by admin February 10, 2008 at 5:31 pm

Save money making Internet calls with your WiFi Nokia phone. It is easier than ever, simply download and install Gizmo and choose “Internet Call” when making calls. Your calls will be connected via the Internet, not the cellular network, so you save money on international calling, roaming fees and use less mobile minutes.

Key Features:
– Simple Install and setup with a phone optimized Quick Start
– Ultra cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones
– Web based Account Management optimized for the phone
– Call forwarding and free voicemail

Requirements: Nokia N810, Nokia N800, Nokia N770.

Requirements for the Nokia Plug-in: The plug-in works on Nokia Symbian 60 (s60) devices (E61i, E65, N80, N95)

Download: Gizmo for Nokia | GizmoVoIP Plug-in for Nokia