Glynx Beta

by admin September 29, 2008 at 6:24 pm

Glynx is software you run on your PC to control your online identities and make your internet private.

Without Glynx, the web sites and service providers pretty much control how your information is used. They are in a position to watch your relationships and monitor what information you are sharing, and with whom. Your e-mail and messaging is increasingly full of SPAM and attempts to defraud you or steal your online identity.

Without Glynx, you are not in control of your online world – you often don’t really know who you are dealing with and are unaware of who is recording your every move. And the usefulness of your devices is determined by your service providers.

With Glynx your information stays on your PC. Unless, of course, you wish to share it with someone else – in which case it gets sent directly from your PC to theirs. No middle-men. But even before you share information, Glynx lets you know who you are dealing with. And you can know what each of your contacts is up to as soon as they do.

Download: Glynx Beta