by admin January 25, 2007 at 10:01 am

GMarks helps you sync & manage your bookmarks with Google Bookmarks.

Use the sidebar to manage and access your bookmarks, the GMarks toolbar for fast access to important bookmarks, and the Quick Search(Home+Home) to find bookmarks like the Google Desktop Ctrl+Ctrl.

Nest your labels with a customizable separator in the sidebar or the toolbar.
GMarks includes a search box in the sidebar to search your bookmarks with Google.
It searches not only the bookmarks’ details, but also the content on their pages.

Add bookmarks to either Google, Firefox, or both, using the standard Firefox Bookmark window.
Quickly see if the site is already bookmarked by looking at the included Star toolbar item, which also toggles the sidebar and can quickly add or remove the site.

Use filters to automatically apply labels or descriptions to bookmarks from sites matching your query or use the filters to batch edit/delete bookmarks.

Hide entire labels from view in the sidebar so you only find them when searching.
Shows not only your Google bookmarks, but optionally your starred Google Reader posts.

GMarks allows for easy migration to and from Google Bookmarks. You can import your Firefox bookmarks to Google or export your Google Bookmarks to a bookmarks.htm file. GMarks is completely separate from your Firefox bookmarks and does not remove or hide them.

Download: GMarks