Google adding microblog indexing to its search results

by admin June 16, 2009 at 2:44 pm

There is evidence that Google is close to launching a service to search micro-blogging services such as Twitter for popular trends. Combined with other Web results, such searches may provide insights into what people say about a particular subject, or even what they are talking about right this minute.

Though Twitter has its own search capabilities, Google will be soon offering a way to search it as well as and other microblogging services. A reference to “MicroBlogsearch” turned up recently in the Google In Your Language localization service, suggesting that Google plans to launch the feature soon.

Twitter’s own search system merely shows recent results containing the search terms, with the most recent first. Older results can be viewed by clicking on “Older,” and a small sidebar shows the top ten “trending topics,” but that’s about the extent of it. And of course it doesn’t have results from other micro-blogging platforms, such as, Tumblr, or BrightKite.

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