T-Mobile G1 update adds Google voice search

by admin February 4, 2009 at 9:10 pm

At last, users of the Google Android-powered G1 smartphone will get a crack at Google’s innovative voice searching feature—more than two months after iPhone users got the update, in fact. Meanwhile, the long-awaited “Cupcake” update for the G1 is still in the oven.

Gizmodo reports that T-Mobile began pushing out the “over-the-air” firmware update this week. If you’re a G1 owner and you haven’t received the update yet, just be patient; not every will get the automatic update at once, and the rollout will reportedly take about two weeks to complete.

Anyway, while the new firmware update is not, apparently, the buzzed-about “Cupcake” release (which will supposedly deliver a virtual touchscreen keyboard, among other goodies), the current OTA patch comes with a welcome surprise: Google’s clever (and mostly effective) voice search feature, which arrived for iPhone users back in November .

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