Google admits Desktop security risk

by admin February 20, 2006 at 12:38 pm

Google Desktop 3 Beta contains a security risk for businesses, says Gartner, and Google agrees

Businesses have been warned by research company Gartner that the latest Google Desktop Beta has an “unacceptable security risk”.

Google Desktop allows indexing and searching of PCs’ hard drives, and sharing of information through a feature called Search Across Computers. This enables users to search for information within a network such as an intranet.

The risk to enterprises, according to Gartner, lies in how this shared information is pooled by Google. The data is transferred to a remote server, where it is stored and can then be shared between users for up to 30 days.

Gartner said in a report on Thursday that the “mere transport [of data] outside the enterprise will represent an unacceptable security risk to many enterprises”, as intellectual property could be transported out of the business.

Google told ZDNet UK on Monday that it recognised the risk, and recommended that companies take action. “We recognise that this is a big issue for enterprise. Yes, it’s a risk, and we understand that businesses may be concerned,” said Andy Ku, European marketing manager for Google.

Full article: ZDNet UK