Google axes 100 jobs in cost-cutting

by admin January 15, 2009 at 7:08 pm

Google is scaling back in a number of areas and cutting 100 jobs as the internet giant begins to feel the impact of the recession.

The company announced yesterday that it would be laying off recruitment staff, shutting three engineering offices and closing down a number of projects as it looks to slim down.

Among the Google services affected by the cutbacks are mobile social network Dodgeball, messaging site Jaiku and web bookmarking service Notebook – as well as offices in Texas, Norway and Sweden.

Jobs are also being cut in Google’s human resources department, as a result of the company’s decision to slow its expansion.

Google’s incredible growth in recent years has resulted in the expansion of its workforce from just more than 3,000 at the time of its launch on the New York stock exchange in 2004 to a current total of around 20,000.

But with the tightening economy, the company said that it was reducing the number of new recruits and HR staff.

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