Google CEO will talk to Apple over Chrome OS conflict

by admin July 10, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Google chief Eric Schmidt last evening said he would talk to Apple to determine whether or not he should recuse himself from the Mac maker’s board of directors following the unveiling of Chrome OS. The executive told those at Allen & Co’s technology conference that there is currently “no issue” with his remaining on the board but that he will ask Apple if it sees a conflict of interest to have another desktop operating system developer involved in its decisions. Apple itself hasn’t commented on any possible change in relationship.

Schmidt already has to step out of director meetings when the iPhone is a subject due to Google’s Android platform, which competes directly with Apple’s mobile platforms. The connection among others has prompted an FTC investigation into possible anti-competitive behavior. Google’s CEO readily admits that his company and Apple are mutually involved in developing their respective Chrome and Safari web browsers, both of which use the open WebKit rendering engine but different JavaScript code and interfaces.

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