Google Chrome ignites browser speed race

by admin September 11, 2008 at 5:54 pm

Analysis – You may have decided against a switch to Chrome (at least market share data indicates that Chrome is losing share quickly again), but there is a good chance you won’t get rid of the browser entirely. We guess you may even launch it from time to time, especially when IE or Firefox get stuck. Whatever Chrome’s future path may be, its responsiveness and speed have left a lasting impression that will stick. Other browser makers took notice and are working on faster browsers as well: Firefox 3.1, scheduled for a late 2008 release, comes with TraceMonkey and Web Workers, two key technologies that could easily render Chrome’s speed gains obsolete. TG Daily had a close look on what to expect from the current speed race and next-gen browsers.

Google’s Chrome caused controversial discussions, both for its advantages and apparent lack of advanced features. But critics and fans agree that this thing is fast, really fast. You may be wondering why speed matters since your current browser already loads web pages in a snap. But here is the deal: Today’s web sites are not collections of individual pages anymore. You are probably using web applications on an everyday basis – on sites like Facebook or Google Docs. As more computing services move to the cloud, web applications are becoming more powerful and desktop-like. In this sense, a browser becomes an operating system for web applications and needs to do much more than take advantage of a broadband connection.

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