Google Chrome Privacy Policy Changes Hint at Public Launch of Mac, Linux Versions

by admin September 7, 2009 at 3:20 pm

It’s been just over a year since Google surprised the world with a release of their very own web browser, Google Chrome, now the basis for the company’s upcoming operating system. Despite its flaws (lack of RSS support, no extensions), the browser soon became a hit among the niche crowd of early adopters…at least those running Windows. Why Windows? Because Google has yet to publicly release versions for either the Mac operating system or Linux. However, a recent update to their Privacy Policy hints that may be about to change.

In June of this year, Google finally released the first official beta versions of the Chrome browser for Mac and Linux. The builds were made available in the developer channel, but Google warned users that they were not ready for public consumption, only testing. Since it took nearly a year to get the point of beta releases, can it even be possible that Chrome for Mac and Linux is now ready for a public debut?

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