Google Chrome Turns One: A Few Questions and Answers

by admin September 2, 2009 at 5:48 pm

Happy birthday Google’s Chrome Web browser. After one year here is an attempt to answer nagging questions we have had regarding the browser.

One year ago today, Google released Chrome, a day after the news-at once startling and inevitable-feeling-leaked that it had decided to get into the browser business. (Lest we forget, Chrome remains the only major software product ever to be announced via comic book.)

Back on September 1, 2008, I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try Chrome and knew very little about it, but was so excited about the news that I cranked out a post called Ten Questions About Google Chrome. A year later, it’s easier to answer most of them. Shall we? (I skipped recapping question #3, which involved me wondering whether Google had given Mozilla a heads-up it was working on a browser.)

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