Google does a Flickr

by admin June 14, 2006 at 7:03 am

‘My Picasa is your Picasa’

Google has launched a new feature in its Picasa photo management application that will let people organise and share photos over the web.

Picasa Web Album will initially be available only to a limited number of Gmail users at, said Adrian Graham, a product manager at Picasa.

Picasa, technology Google acquired in 2004, is free downloadable software that lets people find and edit photos on a desktop computer and send them to others from a Gmail account or publish them on a blog.

Picasa Web Album is designed to let people easily upload and store their photos online. Uploaded albums can be public and available to anyone who knows the Gmail account under which they’re listed, or private (“unlisted”) and available only by way of a special link Picasa users can send to whomever they wish.

Graham said: “All users need to do is select the photos they want to share and click on a button and the photos are online.”

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