Google Launches White Space Broadband Website

by admin August 18, 2008 at 8:47 pm

Lobbying fight heats up over alternative broadband delivery method…

Microsoft, Google and Dell have formed the backbone of a six-partner coalition named the Wireless Innovation Alliance. Their goal is to use the so-called unlicensed “white space” spectrum — partially freed by the migration to digital television — to offer un-served consumers inexpensive Internet access via the airwaves (with these companies obviously providing the hardware, software and most importantly to Google: ads).

Google co-founder Larry Page has dubbed the technology “Wi-Fi on steroids,” and has declared that he’s “100 percent confident” that white space broadband is inevitable. Unfortunately, initial FCC tests of the technology’s transmission detection and avoidance capability have been hit and miss (though dependent on who you ask). The push also has some very deep pocketed opponents.

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