Google Nexus One Gets More Affordable for T-Mobile Customers

by admin January 15, 2010 at 5:30 pm

The price usually given for the Google Nexus One is $180, but that’s the price for those switching to T-Mobile to get this new Android OS-based smartphone. Current T-Mobile subscribers had been asked to pay $200 more. However, this price has been reduced a bit.

Previously, those who are already T-Mobile customers who qualify for an upgrade subsidy were being charged $380 for the Nexus One, but this price has now dropped to $280.

Those who had already paid $380 for this device are being rebated $100.

T-Mobile subscribers who don’t qualify for a rebate, and those who want the device unlocked, are charged $530

At this point, potential customers are given only a single option for service plans — 500 voice minutes and unlimited data and texting for $80 a month. There are no family plans available for this model.

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