Google obeyed Apple’s “don’t use multitouch” request

by admin February 11, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Ever wonder why the Android-powered T-Mobile G1—one of the hottest touchscreen phones on the market—doesn’t support multitouch gestures like “pinching” and zooming? According to a new report, the answer might be a simple one: Apple asked for a favor, and Google said yes.

VentureBeat reports that Apple, which has been engaged in a war of words with Palm over the upcoming—and multitouch-enabled—Pre smartphone, asked Google not to build support for multi-finger gestures into its Android phones (this from an unnamed “Android team member”). Google’s answer, according to VentureBeat? Sure thing.

As the VentureBeat post points out, Google has much to gain by staying on Apple’s good side (and indeed, VentureBeat’s source added that the Android team was “relieved” that Google didn’t pick a fight with Apple).

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