Google opens new chapter on e-books

by admin March 14, 2006 at 7:19 am

Search firm soliciting publishers for e-book store

Google is inviting UK and US publishers to sign up for a forthcoming e-book store on its website.

Users will get access to the book through their browser only, and will not be allowed to save local copies or copy pages.

“Google Book Search helps users who find and preview a book to buy it through online retailers or local bookstores. The e-book store will let them pay for immediate access to the book right from their browser,” said Google on a webpage where it invites publishers to sign up for the service.

“It’s a way for publishers to experiment with a new method of earning money from their books in addition to those that already exist.”

The service is part of Google Book Search which lets users perform search queries against text published in books.

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