Google releases customisable search

by admin October 24, 2006 at 3:43 am

A new Google tool will let people use Google’s search platform to create search engines focused on the content of their choice.

With the Google Custom Search Engine, announced by the company on Monday in the US, Web site and blog publishers can provide custom results most relevant to their readers, incorporating a site’s online community and its ability to provide contextual ads.

The customised search engines can also be tailored to aesthetically match any Web site.

The search engine can be customised quickly by choosing keywords and a list of sites the publisher wants included in the search index. These can be the only sites searched, or simply the ones with the highest priority. Alternately, users can exclude sites from the search index.

After entering the information, a line of code will appear. The custom search engine can be hosted on a user’s site. Currently, anyone can put a Google search box on their site, but the results are hosted by

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