Google starts forcing people away from IE6

by admin January 30, 2010 at 9:10 pm

This is a story which speaks volumes about Microsoft, its corporate customers and the mentality that both have. You might remember in recent weeks the argument between Google and the Chinese government about the Gmail accounts of Chinese dissidents being hacked.

The problem was traced back to Internet Explorer 6, most internet-based problems are traced back to IE6 to be honest. This browser has now been around for almost ten years. It’s been superseded twice and it’s widely acknowledged that this is possibly the worst and most insecure browser you can have on your computer.

IE6 came out at a time when Microsoft had won the browser wars and Netscape had largely disappeared. Firefox had yet to appear and the Redmond giant had 99% of the browser market. They had nobody to compete with and internet commerce was in its infancy. Thus Microsoft just let the browser stagnate for many years until finally forced to innovate by the likes of the Mozilla Foundation, who realised that adequate security was the minimum specification their new browser should have.

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