Google, Sun plan partnership

by admin October 4, 2005 at 2:27 am

Sun Microsystems and Google plan to announce a collaborative effort that some analysts speculate could elevate the profile of the and Java software packages.

Details won’t emerge publicly until Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Sun CEO Scott McNealy take the stage on Tuesday at a news conference in Mountain View, Calif. But one strong possibility is a partnership that could help shift personal computing out of Microsoft’s domain and into Google’s.

The partners have complementary assets for such a task. Sun has the open-source software suite and its close relative, StarOffice. It has Java software, which is well suited for network-friendly applications that run on any Java-enabled PC.

As for Google, its products have become daily resources for a vast number of computer users, and it offers a growing suite of software. In addition, it has the ambition of becoming the company that supplies network-based applications.

Full article: CNET