Google Sync Uses Microsoft Technology To Take On Apple

by admin February 18, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Google and Microsoft have teamed up to let Google Calendar and Google Contacts users sync their data with an iPhone, without the need for Apple’s help, via a utility called Google Sync. Google is using Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology to provide–for free–the same over-the-air synchronization that Apple’s MobileMe charges $100-a-year for.

No longer is iTunes necessary as an intermediary between the worlds of Google Apps and iPhones.

Besides an iPhone, you can also sync your iPod Touch, Blackberry, and some Nokia and Sony/Ericsson handsets using the Google service. There is also good news for the five people who own Windows Mobile devices–they can sync, too.

Like everything the company seems to do, Google Sync carries the word “beta” as part of its name.

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