Google Teams up With eBay and PayPal to Combat Phishing

by admin July 9, 2008 at 3:54 pm

Google today announced that it has teamed up with eBay and PayPal to fight phishing scams more effectively. Starting today, Google will authenticate every email that claims to be from ‘’ or ‘’ If a message fails these checks, Google will reject the message and not, as it often did before, allow it through and display a warning message.

PayPal and eBay phishing scams are probably some of the most prevalent forms of online fraud, so having Google now fully reject these messages is going to at least prevent quite a few more of these.

Google has been using DomainKeys and Domain Keys Identified Mail since 2004 and both PayPal and eBay has been using it since October 2007. So far, however, Google did not completely block all suspicious emails in order to prevent too many false positives. Now, however, Google is taking a more radical stand and will reject any message that does not authenticate.

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