Google Testing Click-to-Call

by admin November 25, 2005 at 10:44 am

Google searchers can turn to the phone as well as the Web to connect with advertisers.

Google is testing a new feature for its AdWords keyword ads that appear alongside natural search results: click-to-call.

Greg Yardley, author of the blog, first reported seeing small green telephone handset icons next to some ads on Google.

A Google spokesman confirmed that the company was testing the service, but declined to give any details.

But Google has published a FAQ. According to it, when searchers click on the phone icon, they get a prompt to enter their phone numbers, then click a “Connect For Free” button. Google calls the number provided, then, when the searcher picks up, connects the searcher with the advertiser.

Google said it pays for the call. Not disclosed was how much it charges the advertiser for these ads, nor which vendors provides the click-to-call functionality.

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