Google to Demonstrate Chrome OS in Thursday Event

by admin November 18, 2009 at 9:30 pm

Google plans to host an event on Thursday morning to provide an overview of Chrome OS, its upcoming PC operating system.

Google announced Chrome OS in July, 2009 without disclosing many details about the operating system. What’s known is that Chrome will be a lightweight, open-source, Linux-based OS with a strong focus on web surfing using the Google Chrome browser. Applications will run mostly inside the browser, which in effect turns the web into the platform. The Chrome OS will initially be targeted at netbooks — low-powered, miniature notebooks, Google said in July.

Still, we have yet to see any official visuals of the OS, and thus far the media has only speculated about Chrome’s potential. Google has said Thursday’s event will give a “complete overview” of the OS with technical background and demonstrations.

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