Google to searchers: would you like a .torrent of that show?

by admin May 6, 2009 at 5:52 pm

Google doesn’t just return .torrent files in its search results—it also suggests adding “torrent” to certain searches for TV shows.

Google places tremendous faith in The Algorithm, but what happens when The Algorithm dons an eyepatch and entices the unwary into a life of piratical adventure and scurvy?

A non-eyepatched reader pointed out to us that Google searches for “scrubs season 1” suggest instead that users might want to see results for “scrubs season 1 torrent”—and Google then helpfully offers links to relevant files at The Pirate Bay and (Neither Yahoo nor Microsoft’s Live Search suggest “torrent” as an additional search term, though Microsoft’s results do include a Mininova link on the first page).

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