Google Toolbar for Firefox 7.0.2009.1216b

by admin February 1, 2010 at 12:20 pm

Google Toolbar is a popular browser add-on that makes it possible to quickly perform Google Web searches, prevent annoying pop-up ads from appearing, and fill in Web forms with one simple click.

Now you can make your Toolbar as unique as you are. You can add buttons and bookmarks; share web pages with friends; get instant search suggestions; and enjoy the web form filler and spellchecker.


· Enhanced Search Box
· Google Safe Browsing
· Subscribe to Feed
· Send with Gmail
· Custom Layouts
· SpellCheck
· AutoFill
· Custom buttons
· Google Account Sign-in

· Google Docs & Spreadsheets
With the Google Docs & Spreadsheets feature enabled in the Google Toolbar, you can open most popular file types right in your browser.

· Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from anywhere

· Add buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite sites.

· Send To
You can use your Google Toolbar to share web pages via email, text message (SMS), or blog.

System requirements:
• Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 SP3+, Mac OS X 10.2+, or Linux
• Firefox 2.0+

Google Toolbar is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Download: Google Toolbar for Firefox 7.0.2009.1216b

Download: Google Toolbar for Firefox Beta