Google: we don’t know how to make money from YouTube

by admin June 12, 2008 at 8:59 pm

‘A whole new industry’ could be created around video advertising on the web, Google said, but it’s not sure how

Google has said that it is still unsure how to make money from YouTube, the enormously popular video-sharing website it owns, but hopes to be able to do so soon.

Eric Schmidt, the search giant’s chief executive, said it “seemed obvious” that Google should be able to generate “significant amounts of money” from YouTube, on which hundreds of millions of videos are watched every day, but that as yet it hadn’t figured out how to go about it.

He also rejected suggestions that Google dominated the web, saying that it was outperformed by Yahoo!, the internet portal, in some areas, and added that in any case the company’s goal was not “to monetise everything”.

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