Google’s view on Skype: “It’s the next big thing”

by admin November 21, 2007 at 3:18 pm

Some fascinating comments on Skype from Chris Sacca, Google’s head of special operations, who told the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford conference this week that Skype is “still the next big thing”.

This is all particularly interesting in light of rumours that Google might be looking to buy Skype from eBay. All extremely speculative, but it’s worth reading the delightful “no comment” response that Om Malik received from eBay. Always nice when the PR department has a sense of humour.

Anyway, Chris Sacca questioned why the company’s key talent had left, and said it is still a powerful, ubiquitous communications platform that has “so much potential”.

“Skype is still is the next big thing. It hasn’t been given a chance.

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