GrapeBackup 1.5

by admin January 31, 2008 at 4:50 pm

GrapeBackup is a backup program with following features:

– extremely fast
– easy to use
– supports incremental backups (multiple versions of a directory are saved in a repository and may be retrieved independently). Create your backups daily or even twice a day. Only changed files will be stored. This is also very useful if you want to be able to access different stages of your work.
– allows to limit I/O throughput (it is limited to 1 MB per second in the basic version). This unique feature allows you to continue to work during a GrapeBackup run. Your computer will not become unusable just because you run a backup.
– uses ZIP format for storing files or single file repository (If you want to burn the created file on CDs? or similar and it is bigger than 650MB you can use 7-zip File Manager to split the file in smaller pieces)
– runs on multiple platforms. It was tested on Windows XP and Kubuntu (Linux) but should also run on any platform that supports Java.
– English and German translations
– basic version is freeware
– command line interface lets you automate your backups.

You must have Java 1.5 or greater already installed before installing GrapeBackup

Download: GrapeBackup 1.5