Graphics Rumble Seen on The Vista Horizon

by admin February 1, 2007 at 9:23 am

Tradition has always held that a new Microsoft operating system meant upgrading your CPU and memory. With the release of Vista this week, you’ve got one more component to consider: your video card.

With past operating system releases, video performance wasn’t an issue because the desktop was always 2D. Although there were attempts to fudge a 3D look, real gains with visuals were impossible without a decent video card and a monitor able to use ClearType fonts.

The Aero interface of Vista is changing that equation. Although it is a few steps below Vista’s security improvements on the check list in terms of importance, the 3D experience with Aero means the PC’s video horsepower will make a difference.

That’s why one analyst sees signs of a brewing battle among integrated graphics makers over the Vista horizon.

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